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Monday, April 13, 2009

Global Fraud

No SUVs Around During the Roman Global Warming ‘Crisis’, Matt Patterson, March 31, 2009.

Make no mistake -- the earth has warmed. Unfortunately for the climate-change catastrophists, warming periods have occurred throughout recorded history, long before the Industrial Revolution and SUVs began spitting man-made carbon into the atmosphere. And as might be expected, these warm periods have invariably proven a blessing for humanity. Consider:

Around the 3rd century B.C., the planet emerged from a long cold spell. The warm period which followed lasted about 700 years, and since it coincided with the rise of Pax Romana, it is known as the Roman Warming.

In the 5th century A.D., the earth's climate became cooler. Cold and drought pushed the tribes of northern Europe south against the Roman frontier. Rome was sacked, and the Dark Ages commenced. And it was a dark age, both metaphorically and literally -- the sun's light dimmed and gave little warmth; harvest seasons grew shorter and yielded less. Life expectancy and literacy plummeted. The plague appeared and decimated whole populations.

Then, inexplicably, about 900 A.D. things began to warm. This warming trend would last almost 400 years, a well documented era known as the Medieval Warm Period. Once again, as temperatures rose harvests and populations grew. Vineyards made their way into Northern Europe, including Britain. Art and science flourished in what we now know as the Renaissance.

Then around 1300 A.D. things cooled drastically. This cold spell would last almost 500 years, a severe climate event known as the Little Ice Age. Millions died in famine as glaciers advanced all over the world. The plague returned. In Greenland, the Norse colony that had been established during the Medieval Warming froze and starved. Arctic pack ice descended south, pushing Inuit peoples to the shores of Scotland. People ice skated on the Thames; they walked from Staten Island to Manhattan over a frozen New York Harbor. The year 1816 was remembered as the year without a summer, with some portions of the Northern Hemisphere seeing snowfall in June.

But around 1850 the planet began to warm up yet again. Glaciers retreated. Temperatures rose. This is the warming period which we are still enjoying today. And once again, the warmth brought bounty: The last 150 years have seen an explosion in life expectancy, population, and scientific progress like never before.
A record of these temperature swings can be seen here. In the Americas, the cliff dwellings around the four corners area (e.g., Mesa Verde) were deserted, and the great Mayan civilization collapsed, both on or around 900 A.D.. The French Revolution was as much about bread shortages in Paris as anything political, because wheat production had declined as the Little Ice Age continued.

Scientific Analysis Shows Global Warming A Statistical Mirage, AJ Strata, April 13, 2009.
It is about to get scientifically really uncomfortable for Al Gore and the Church of IPCC. It seems that some serious analysis has discerned that, without the biased GISS data that has been proven wrong time and time again, there actually is no global warming. I was wondering this myself as I was looking at the global temperature data from 1880-2009 maintained by the National Climate Data Center inside NOAA. …

So I was looking at the NCDC data and I decided to simply average the temperatures from 1940-2009 and 1970-2009 to reflect eras when there were huge leaps in technology and global perspectives. …

What the data shows is that there is only a small shift in the average global data after 1940 through 2009. A shift of 0.1664 °C to be exact. Now I am fairly certain no temperature measurement series in even a single location was able to produce that kind of accuracy (+/- 0.16 °C) prior to 1940. Remember, these measurements would be from real thermometers using human eyeballs, not electronic systems like we have today. Is it possible the shift in temperature around World War II was nothing more than a leap in accuracy that occurred sometime after 1940? Of course it is possible.

Same thing with the average global temperature from 1970-2009, which was higher than the NCDC “zero”line by 0.2644 °C. But this is only .098°C different from the 1940-2009 average. I don’t even think today we have the ability to accurately measure the global temperature to within a tenth of a degree. …

For example, in one discussion on see level data from two NASA satellites (Topex/Poseidon and Jason) over at WUWT, … I was surprised to see claims that sea levels had risen 20-40 millimeters in 14 years. I knew these missions had accuracy limits in the centimeters (+/- 4.2 cm), so it is impossible to claim there is any sea rise within the limits of the instruments’ ability to make measurements.



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