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Monday, August 25, 2008

Communist Workers Community Organizers of the World, Unite !

We are being treated to the portrayal of Barack Obama as a low paid, selfless "community organizer" in South Chicago*, aiding the poor, minorities, and unrepresented people. This raises the question of what a "community organizer" actually is? For those unaware of the history of the radical left in the U.S., I offer the following definition:

Community Organizer: is innocuously defined as "a person who facilitates a process by which people are brought together to act in common self-interest" but is actually Saul Alinsky Orwellian doublespeak for "Socialist Agitator"

* I have only been to Chicago once, about 10 years ago, and accidentally ended up driving through South Chicago. I could not believe what I saw there. There were burned out cars on the streets, most of the businesses I saw were boarded up, and the entrance and exit ramps to the freeways were intentionally blocked off. It was as if I had suddenly been transported to a war zone in some foreign country.


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